Chicagoland Outdoor Kitchens

Chicagoland outdoor kitchens that withstand cold winters while suiting your needs and budget.


One of the hottest outdoor living trends is the outdoor kitchen.  We’ve seen them for years in the warmer climates, but now the trend is moving even to areas like our own.  With cold Chicago winters, one might wonder if adding an outdoor kitchen to their backyard is even possible.  The answer is yes!

Probably the most popular and well-known outdoor kitchen design is the California Outdoor Kitchen.  These kitchens are truly stunning and often include everything you would expect to find in an indoor kitchen.  Designed for climates with warm temperatures year round, certain aspects or amenities, unfortunately, are not suitable for cold weather.  For instance, you wouldn’t want a polished granite countertop around a sink as Chicago weather has a very distinct freeze and thaw cycle.  The expanding and contracting could cause your beautiful countertop to crack.

Outdoor Kitchen Bar in Palatine IL

The good news is, outdoor kitchens are completely customizable.  Archadeck can design your outdoor kitchen to be as elaborate or as modest as you wish.  When we first had clients asking about outdoor kitchens, we realized that the cost was higher than many in the Chicagoland area expected.  A quality outdoor living space is worth investing in, but when the amount of time you can use the space is limited by weather, the amount you are comfortable investing may change.

We determined to find a way to give Chicagoland homeowners outdoor kitchens that suited both their needs and budgets, and would also withstand cold winters.  Most often these outdoor kitchens are built as part of a patio project.  With options like stone grill surrounds, limestone countertops, built-in grills and ovens, and bars for dining or serving, you can customize your outdoor kitchen to fit your specific needs.

Patio Outdoor Kitchen by Schaumburg IL Patio Builder Archadeck of Chicagoland

Of course, you can always go beyond the patio and outdoor kitchen.  Including an open porch provides shade and shelter so the space can be used even when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.  Adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace provides heat, allowing you to use the space even when the weather turns cold.  They also add ambiance and place for friends to gather.

Outdoor Kitchen with Fire Pit and Pergola in Deerfield IL

Outdoor kitchens are an excellent way to continue entertaining while still cooking.  Such a space is perfect for gathering friends and family.  Make your backyard alive with fun, laughter, and delicious food!

If you are considering an outdoor kitchen or other outdoor living space, we would love to hear from you!  You may sign up for a free design consultation or give us a call at (847) 749-2373

Author: Archadeck of Chicagoland

As the owner of Archadeck of Chicagoland, I am dedicated to helping our Chicagoland homeowners create and enjoy the outdoor living space of their dreams. We believe the great outdoors is a place for families and friends to come together for fun and laughter.

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